Growing a Prosperous Future

These are exciting times. Cannabis is now medically legal in 33 states in the U.S., with recreational cannabis being legal in 11 states. Over one quarter of all Americans live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, and over 2/3’s of all Americans live in a state where medical cannabis is legal. This number is projected to rise every year, and the market is growing exponentially. Globally, cannabis legalization and decriminalization continues, creating a new international market. The legal cannabis sector is booming; rapidly becoming a robust multi-billion dollar industry, with a vast and diverse range of ancillary businesses. The projections and potential for growth are tremendous.

Now is the time to shape and grow the future of this industry.

At OMGreens we believe in creating a legal cannabis industry that is rooted in integrity, transparency, and responsibility.  We find emerging business that meet these standards, while offering investors substantial profitability and improving people’s well being and quality of life.

We use our expertise in wellness and business development to identify the emerging operators who are setting the standard and poised to become the next leaders and success stories. We connect capital with these lucrative opportunities.

The time to get involved is now. Join us in creating a prosperous and verdant future.




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